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Planning your marriage in Chilliwack

You put so much effort into planning your wedding; have you made plans for your marriage?

Alex Angioli Counselling And Therapy premarital counselling helps couples start their journey together and build a solid foundation for a good marriage.

How does premarital counselling work?

Premarital counselling is a set of counselling sessions designed to help a couple develop skills to form the basis of a strong marriage based on trust, commitment, co-operation, and passion.

Couples in Chilliwack who are preparing to marry will learn how to manage potential challenges before they take root. Sessions are focused on developing:

  • Effective communication
  • Constructive conflict resolution
  • Active listening
  • Trust
  • Continued intimacy and passion
  • Financial management
  • Expectations for married life
  • Boundaries
  • Handling in-laws and the influence of family and friends

Alex Angioli Counselling And Therapy premarital counselling: reduce your chance of divorce.

Couples who have participated in premarital counselling have reported an increased harmony and satisfaction in their relationship and an improved ability to resolve problems. Although every marriage faces challenges at some point, couples who have acquired the skills that enable them to surmount marital difficulties report a more fulfilling and satisfying married life.

What happens in premarital counselling?

The Alex Angioli Counselling And Therapy premarital counselling formula includes an initial assessment of each partner's strengths and any challenges they already may already be experiencing in the relationship. Couples learn to identify potential problems or any current relationship issues they may be facing.

Start your marriage off on the right foot!

Couples in Chilliwack who are planning to marry may contact a qualified premarital counselor by calling (778) 552-5293.